Thursday, September 13, 2012

Testing Push Notification & Android Market in emulator

       Sometimes We haven't account in emulator so we have another option to testing push notification and other service which use device’s gmail account. For this just download system image of android 2.2 and put in your sdk. For download system.img of android froyo(2.2) from here. And if you want system.img for android 1.5 and android 1.6 from here. 
       After Download this system.img file is put at android-sdk-windows12\add-ons\addon_google_apis_google_inc_8\images path. Than create new virtual device Google apis(Api level 8) Start this emulator. After complet start you can see logo of android, click on this logo.

                                                      Than you see screen which is below.

        If you have gmail account than press on sign In else press create account. After press on sign In you see below screen than

         off Num Lock and press 7 so, emulator come in landscape mode and than you can see login screen just login with your gmail account.

Again press 7 so come in portrait mode.Now you can test your push notification application on your emulator.